Restoring Driveways to their Natural Beauty

Most resin bound surfaces lose their glossy aesthetic over time due to weathering, leaving a matte natural aggregate finish. We offer a unique solution that will revive and extend the life of tired looking resin bound surfaces.

Drive Restore is an economic hardwearing spray-able, UV stable polyurethane sealer. It is applied through a pressurised canister, providing a tough layer of glossy sealant to restore and extend the life of a surface. Application is user friendly with a 3-meter hose so there is no need to bend down to the drive. Drive Restore will also maintain SuDS compliance.

As well as dramatically enhancing the look of driveways, paths and other large decorative areas, when laid with crushed glass, Drive Restore increases the anti-slip resistance of the surface

  • Completely Unique
  • Quickly and easily applied
  • Hardwearing
  • UV Resistant
  • Has outstanding anti-skid properties when installed with our anti-skid material
  • 80% more economical than a traditional roller coat product (based on QUV testing)
  • Minimises costs through the spray application and reducing on site time
resin bound driveway