Autumn Dawn gravel

A favourite with traditional properties, this auburn coloured compilation is a mix of red and golden hues and includes nicely rounded shiny pebbles and granite stone which radiates a luxurious finish. Used best to compliment red brick properties.

Autumn Dawn

One of our most popular resin bound colours and is a favourite of home owners who are after an attractive resin bound driveway or pathway that will bring out the bright colours surrounding it such as grass or flowers. The subtle yellow is not to overpowering but is still bright enough to make an onlooker notice.

Caramel Latte

Chestnut resin bound

A tight-knit resin bound fusion of natural golden colours. Trowelling is made easy because of the round nature of the pebbles. An attractive natural looking colour and one of our most popular and bestsellers which offers a charming finish to any property.


Clarity Resin kit

Part of our tight-knit ‘silvers’ range, the Clarity offers a luxurious sparkle to any driveway. Sitting in the middle, the Clarity is the perfect choice if you can’t decide whether to go for a lighter or darker shade of grey. It is a lighter colour than some of the aggregates used for external landscaping.


Coral Beach Resin kit

Our Coral Beach colour is a beautiful mixture of highly complementary stones, red, black and gold offering a jewelled effect. More commonly used for coastal areas where there are substantial stone and rendered properties. Needing minimal further design features when laying the Coral Beach resin bound.

Coral Beach

Creme-Brulee Resin kit

With its golden, polentia white, beige and brown fusion, Creme Brulee is one of the most popular resin bound colours. Often located in the Cotswold areas, it is a traditional choice as it highly flatters the stone properties.

Créme Brûlée

Cortado Resin kit

Cortado is a very solid choice if you are looking for an eye catching and distinctive project. There are amber colours and warm sand tones present, as well as silver speckles to give a truly dazzling colour.


Equinox Resin kit

A colour palette of beiges and greens giving a varying dimension of stone, making this blend of resin and stone perfect for driveways. Equinox is an elegant choice and looks fantastic with its speckled effect.


Glacier Resin kit

Our Glacier resin colour is a lovely selection of stones. Offering an eye catching look for driveways or large landscapes. Its closed knit structure allows for a fantastic compression and a durable resin bound surface that will last the test of time. The Glacier colour compliments dark resin bound aggregate colours for borders.


Midnight Frost Resin kit

A stunning and unique contrasted mixture of white flint and celtic plum makes this design the perfect choice for those modern properties that want to stand out from the crowd.

Midnight Frost

Haystack Resin kit

Haystack is an angular light and sandy blend with flecks of silver offering a stunning resin bound mix, brightening the overall look of buildings and landscapes.


Mocha Resin kit

An assembly of the truly finest French aggregates, Mocha is effective as a standalone piece. The varying size of the resin gravel adds dimension and texture as well as providing a solid interlocking surface.


Moondust Resin kit

Moondust is a trendy mix of dark tones and part of the Resins ‘R’ Us new range of resin bound colours. Offering a very appealing look for any outdoor surfaces, be it a path, patio or driveway. Its closed knit structure allows for a fantastic compression and a durable resin bound surface that will last the test of time.


Mountain Spring Resin kit

All our Resins ‘R’ Us resin bound colours should be installed with 100g worth of natural crushed glass per sq m in order to reach the given Slip Resistance value (PTV).

Mountain Spring

Moonlight Resin kit

A speckled silver mix creating a modern and oriental feel. A harmonious colour that can be partnered with most colours and design patterns beautifully. Moonlight is one of the most favoured resin bound colours.


Nebula Resin kit

An impressive grey resin bound colour that looks amazing over larger areas. Many tones of lighter grey are present throughout the mixture giving the resin a misty slate look. Sophisticated and versatile, Nebula compliments contemporary properties due to its modern palette.


Nutmeg Resin kit

A stunning blend of German and Irish stone, offering a golden brown colour with a hint of gold. A popular mix as it compliments most properties. This resin bound gravel from an installation perspective is pleasant to trowel due to the smoothness of the stone aggregates. Smooth to walk on due to the shape of the stone.


Ocean Pearl Resin kit

The Ocean Pearl deluxe medley is the epitome of opulence, consisting of cream and silver tones, producing an attractive pearl colour. It is one of our bestsellers due to its transferability and luxurious aesthetic.

Ocean Pearl

Obsidian Resin kit

A porous and ideal alternative to tarmac, our Obsidian colour will allow water to drain through giving a huge advantage by reducing drainage costs. This striking black twinned with a stunning shine is perfect for resin bound borders or full driveway systems.


Parian Marble Resin kit

Creamy sand tones running throughout, creating an even and consistent finish. Perfect for use on paths and patios this light coloured stone is a real head turner and makes for a stand out finish.

Parian Marble

Sunset Resin kit

Sunset is a stunning combination of red and golden aggregates. This resin bound mix offers a warm tone. A lovely decorative surface with a great definition and texture and a very popular choice for commercial properties and homes alike.


Volcanic Ash Resin kit

Offering a defined appearance and texture, this duo resin bound colour is a strong mix of a strong aggregate. These UK sourced gravels are angular in shape and so creating an ideal resin bound aggregate for drives and ground cover. Ideal for high trafficked driveways as it is a great colour to mask dirt and tyre marks.

Volcanic Ash

Supernova Resin kit

Silver flecks combined with jet black to create a sparkle that will infuse a touch of magic to any driveway, path or patio. Supernova is perfect for contemporary buildings where this granite and basalt mixture adds an instant kerb appeal.


Walnut Resin kit

Meadow is a mix of sandy and yellow coloured aggregates, giving a beautiful golden aesthetic and exquisite appearance for any onlooker. This resin bound colour is recommended for patios, paths and driveways.